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Hurricane Ian and Southwest Florida Donation Request List


How we can help! Many know that Bonita Vandall and Danielle Wright are natives of South West Florida (Bonita was named after Bonita Springs). We are beyond thankful that our families and friends are alive and well. However, many have lost their homes or are trying to piece their homes back together. The pictures and videos on the media do not show the true devastation of South West Florida, it will be years of recovery. As Southwest Florida remains dark with no electricity, water, gas, or supplies. Many of our friends, family, and neighbors are running low on supplies so we have asked them to provide us with a list of items needed. We are asking our friends, family, and neighbors here on the east coast to help us help our neighbors to the west. We are accepting donations (list below) and as long as donations continue to come in, we will continue to drive west and deliver to those in need. Items in need: Water Paper Products (paper towels, paper plates) Plastic Utensils Baby Diapers and Baby Formula Baby Wipes Gas Cans Gas for generators Batteries Flash Lights Non-Perishable Food Tarps Dog Food Cat Food

TV Antennas

Radios We will continue to update the list on our website, and social media pages. If you cannot donate items and would like to donate by other means please call Danielle on her cell phone at (954) 594-2998. We thank you all for any help you can lend.

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